I fell asleep on my keyboard… and then told a caller I loved him.

A long long time ago in a call center far far away, I was working the overnight shift and had not slept in what felt like days. I was also really hungover.

It was 3:00am and super slow, with like 20-30 minutes between calls. I put my head down to just “rest my eyes” and I actually fell asleep (there was no one else sitting anywhere near me). I don’t know how long I was out, then suddenly a loud BEEP in my ear wakes me up.


Me: (mumbles) Huh? What? oh, Hello? This is ____, how can I help you?

Dude: (asks a very simple question)

Me: Answers question, yes sir.

Dude: Okay, thanks, bye.

Me: (still half asleep) Love you, bye.

Dude: What did you just say?

Me: (realizing what just happened I’m suddenly wide awake) Um, I said Goodbye sir.

Dude: No, you totally said you loved me.

Me: No I didn’t.

Dude: (laughing) YOU DID! You said you loved me! I heard you!

Me: (in full-blown panic mode, I hung up on him as he is still laughing at me)

I put my head back down on the desk and cried, praying that the supervisor wasn’t listening to that call and that no one else heard me. I never got in trouble but I was super embarrassed.

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