I don’t want to read

So I work in an insurance call center. I’m considered an underwriter and I only talk to agents. So everyone contacting us should be licensed, or work for a licensed agent. Meaning… Somewhat educated. I recently moved over to chat instead of phones and it’s an entirely different kind of stupid.

The background for this is the agent wasn’t able to submit the quote after taking payment. Some quick research showed he didn’t take the full payment. I’ve explained this to him already so this is the rest of it.

Me: You can just take the rest of the payment in the normal system and then you should be able to submit the quote.

Agent: How do I do that?

Me: We actually have directions for this here: (insert link to clear directions)

Agent: I don’t want to read that. Can’t you just tell me how to do it?

I literally started laughing, and then showed my cubicle mate, who laughed so loudly everyone around me wanted to know what happened. He ended up not being able to figure it out but he was not new and it was the end of the day so I submitted the quote for him and then he took the remaining payment in the active policy “the way he was used to doing it.”

You don’t want to read… But you’re chatting with me. I’m sure that’s going to work out well for you.

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"They should already know to do that." Insufferable child-like customer.

Crazy how frequently this happens