When All Else Fails, Consumer Nuke Button!!!

In my line of work of account management, I do handle a lot of digital refund requests. A vast majority of them are straight forward, usually a kind but “you should know better” tut tut on the wrist, others can be more exhaustive; this is the latter.

For context, it is harder now, but back in my days growing up, physical was king, and the benefit of physical, you could “Buy and Try”. If the product you originally desired didn’t meet expectation, well you could return it, assuming you had the receipt and it was within a reasonable amount of time.

However, with the rise of digital goods, such are bygone days. Each company has a different policy with regards to how it handles digital licences of products.

Now, I am not in charge of my company’s policy, but the deal is this: If you download a product, that product gives a licence, that licence is tied to your account. When that happens, it can’t be removed, modified, or transferred. As such, it is regarded as a no refund.

So here’s the story that unfolds, me – me, Rguy – the customer.

Rguy, in the refund request queue – Yeah I like have a refund for this product. Not worth the full price.

Me – Certainly, let me check for you…does my magic. Unfortunately, I can’t offer you a refund for this purchase, as you downloaded the product.

Rguy – What?! That’s outrageous! Company B has a much better policy!

Me – I’m sorry you feel that way, but we’re not company B. You purchased this from our company, and abide by our policy. Unfortunately when you downloaded your product, it gave your account a licence, as such we can’t refund this.

Rguy, instead of letting sleeping dogs lie, decides to respond with, as I call it, the nuke button. This button is always, ALWAYS, used when customers don’t get their way – Well I just read the Consumer Rights Act (my country’s consumer laws) and it says refunds must be issued with faulty Goods. I expect my refund.

Me (calling Rguy’s bullshit) – I shall escalate your case over to our supervisor then; I still can’t give you a refund, nor can guarantee one, but your request will be investigated.

And with that, Rguy was gone and peace was restored. The most hilarious thing was if the product was “faulty”, why the exasperated exercise and consumer grief when that is the first thing to state?

Pro tip: Rental, though dying, is still out there, use it. Then you can decide whether to pay full price on goods or not.

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