The Opposite of a Karen is a Richard

At last, I have some wholesome content for y’all! My last customer of the day after dealing with a right asshole. It made me smile. No political arguments, please. I just thought it was adorable and sweet. Also this is the only time a customer has ever genuinely commented on my pic in chat and not seemed creepy doing it. BeeTeeDubs, I’m black and a female for a little context. Anyway, to set the scene, our friend here was struggling with placing an online order so I was taking care of it for him. Here’s the tail end of the conversation. 🙂

Cutedorkycoco: Thank you for completing that form for me. I’m transferring the information over now. Please allow me 3-5 minutes.

Richard: OK

Richard: Cutedorkycoco, if this photo is really you, you have a nice smile.

Cutedorkycoco: Thank you, Richard. 🙂 I appreciate that! 😀

Cutedorkycoco: *summarizes order with him before I place it*

Richard: Yes Ma’am you have it

Cutedorkycoco: All right then, Richard, thank you for sticking this out with me. I really appreciate your patience. I was able to place your order and you should be receiving a confirmation email any minute.

Richard: OK, and thank you for your patience too. Now one last favor. Does your state have a primary? And if so will you please vote, thank you.

Cutedorkycoco: My pleasure, Richard. And I most definitely will and have been encouraging everyone I know to do so as well. 🙂

Cutedorkycoco: Thank you again for being a valued customer. Please click the ‘X’ in our chat window to close our chat and complete our quick survey. Also do me one favor and enjoy the rest of your day! 😀

Richard: I’d like you to vote for a woman Elizabeth Warren. I’m 77 and really tired of old white men and I’m one of them. 🙂

Cutedorkycoco: Haha! I will keep that in mind. 😉

Richard: I’ll do that. It’s been a pleasure.


Can all of my customers be a Richard, please?

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