No raise, better job

Hi folks! It’s been a while.

So, I worked until the Valentines day in a big company, as a User Support Agent. Classic stuff, handling calls, creating, closing and escalating tickets…

For last few months I was pushing the company to give me a rise since we didn’t have enough people (well, skilled ones) in our team and I was basically working as 3 at once. In my old post somewhere in this black hole I posted a story about the HR and the Manager, how they were treating me.

So I skip to the main point right now.

The company changed HR department for our project, so we had a good HR (as we thought on the beginning).

Annie – HR Senior manager Ellie – HR specialist

It started on the January, after Christmas bonuses. I was ripped off by the company again and now I was 400€ short on bonuses. After I contacted HR, I got this info from them:

Annie – Hey! I will check what is going on and will let you know asap! I know the company did some mistake and you’re not the only one getting less on bonuses.

Next email was from Ellie (she didn’t put the CC to Annie which was weird for me)

Ellie – Hi Falcon, I don’t see anything wrong with it. You had a holiday on the beginning of December and a week of sick leave. If you still insist, I can speak with the company managers and I will provide you all the clarifications.

At this point I was still not furious, since I already had this encounter with SAB…

Few days forward, Annie sent me an email stating she would like to see me. Nothing odd to me, I just had night shifts that week. So I texted back I can’t make it since the traveling would take me few hours from the day and I wouldn’t be ready for the night shift. She called me next day, at 0930 and tells me followong

A – Hey Falcon. I have a pre-approval for raising your salary. It’s 100€ gross and 120€ in Tickets (Ticket Restaurant). Can you come over to our building and sign the papers?

Me kinda frustrated after night shift and almost no sleep: 100€ gross? Well, this is a good joke. (And I actually was laughing my ass out at this point).

A – Yeah, 100€ AND 120€ in tickets.

Me – Well, firstly it was a good joke but now I think you are serious… Well, let me tell you something. I spent my savings in order to help my sick mom, and the company knows that. With the salary I have here I can barely survive. They gave me 100€ on top as a result of the hearing with previous HR which was eventually fired as you know. I need 300€ gross. I don’t care about the tickets since I can’t send it to my mom abroad, withdraw it from the ATM or buy a flight tickets if necessary. I simply need money and no compromises.

A – I understand. I will check what I can do. And regarding your bonuses from December, they are on the way.

Me – Cool. I can finally save something again. And tell E that I don’t need any confirmation from her side.

A – What confirmation?

Me – Well, I’m after the night shift, in my bed, talking on a hands free, I will forward it to you after I wake up. Ok?

A – Oh! I’m so sorry! Sure thing! Have a good sleep!

So I forwarded the email the same day and went to work. I was also looking for a new job in the same industry since I like it a lot. I applied for many, many job offers but since I don’t have a finished high school I had just few replies with the same or less salary. So I passed that. Nothing happened from the HR side for next 2 weeks so I was still looking for a new job. And oh my, I found one. Salary higher than my current one, different country, support in my native language, relocation package… I wanted this job. So I applied.

I had a call the next day from the recruiter:

Recruiter – Hello, my name is recruiter and I’m calling regarding your application for “Service Desk Administrator”. Do you have a minute to talk?

Me after night shift again (more money for me for the nights) – Hey, yeah sure, go ahead.

R – I see you’re doing User Support as a service desk. Is that correct?

Me – Yes, that’s correct.

R – That’s great. Why do you want to leave the company?

I explained her everything what happened in the last 2 years.

R – OK, I u derstand now. So tell me something about yourself and your job, what you do there and that.

I told her everything positive (of course)

R – When could you start here?

Me – Eh , I’m sorry?

R – I asked when can you start your new job?

Oh my, that was very easy. Didn’t expect this one, to be honest. I was happy and stunned at the same moment.

Me – Well, since I don’t have the contract this cpany (I signed only job offer, and was never provided with a contract) so I wuit tomorrow and fly to your country.

R – Ahahahhaa, ok, sounds like a Plan! But we will start preparing the support for the new client of ours not earlier than beginning of the March. It’s over a month and half from now.

Me – Sure, no problem. Just send me over your papers, relocation info, contract and I will fill it asap.

She explained me that I need to pass through 2 phase test first and that. So I did. In 2 weeks I had the relocation package (covering 2000€ of relocation), contract with 35% more NET salary than my current job and accommodation for 1 month from the company.

After I get the contract, I filled all the papers, scanned them and send them back to the Recruiter.

10 minutes later, I had a message on my Viber from Annie

A – Hey Falcon! I’m working on your 300€ and it seems it’s on a good way. If I get it for you, you’re staying, right?

Me – well, I’d say it’s too late now. I just send a new signed co tract to the new company. They offered me the salary which I have gross here, as net.

A – OH. The company would have to give you around 900€ more to have that in net.

Me – So you see.

From that moment, I announced my leave. It was 1st of February, and that I’m leaving on 14th. No one had a problem with so short notice because they didn’t provided me any contract so I was not obligated to do the month notice.

Right now I’m second week on a holiday in my friend’s house in a village and tomorrow I’m Going to a new destination. I could write down more than I did (I missed some points with my colleagues etc) so if you want to read it, just hit me with a message!

Thanks for your time folks!

Falcon out

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