Terrible colleague puts lives in danger.

I usually see stories talking about terrible clients in this sub-reddit, well here is a story about a terrible colleague.

I work in the telesales department for a really big company. Basically my work is to contact small-to-medium business, introduce myself as their new point of contact with the company and then do scheduled follow-ups via e-mail or phone in case they require any of our services. The products and services my company offers are very complex and sometimes dangerous. That’s why we had to take almost 2 months of training before starting proper operations. Here is when “Daniel” comes in.

Daniel was a fourty-year old who kept bragging about how he was the best salesman at his former company, and how this job was so “easy and natural” for him. During the entire training he just kept skipping classes or talking with girls on Tinder, and the only times he spoke was to either talk about himself or to complain about our salary.

After ending the training and starting operations, Daniel received an e-mail from a customer asking for a service that we were told not to sell BY ANY MEANS without telling our supervisor and asking for proper safety documentation first. This thing was so obviously dangerous that if I was able to tell you what it was you would hate Daniel as much as I do.

Of course Daniel didn’t know this and sold the service anyways without following any of the right protocols. THANK GOD, the guy decided to brag about his sale during lunch break and that’s how me and my other colleagues realized the giant fuck-up Daniel made. We managed to call the proper people and cancel the entire service just in time before putting anyone at risk.

It is no exaggeration to say that at least 2 people could have died that day just because one guy was using Tinder during his sales training. He of course got fired and we have a better work environment ever since.

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