She killed a man

I work at a mid-sized financial institution. Not technically in the call center, I coordinate repossessions. If your car is up for repo, you don’t talk to the call center you talk to me and only me. It’s very similar in that I talk to probably 15-20 very angry people a day. About month or so I got probably the strangest call I think I’ll ever get.

A woman calls up our call center and says she wants to have her boyfriends car voluntarily repo’d. She’s not the owner so she can’t authorize that but our call center staff doesn’t know that. They hear the word repo they call me up. Which is fine, I get it. They have have lot on their plates and I don’t mind the occasional call that doesn’t “need” to come to me. I obviously can’t tell her any acct info since she’s not on the loan but I figure I’ll listen what she has to say, the loan is past due anyway and if I have to repo it later on I might as well find out what she knows and maybe get some leads. So I get her on the phone and she tells me that the vehicle is in police impound and she can’t get it out. She just thought she’d let us know so if we want to repo it from there we can. Naturally I ask her, “Well do you know why it was impounded? Typically if there’s an ongoing investigation they won’t release any property that was used in the commission of a crime.” She tells me, almost proudly, I can basically hear her smiling, “I ran [boyfriend] over with it last night. He’s dead”. I’m freaking out, idk what to do. I act casually and get what info she has and immediately call our in-house attorney and find out what to do. I tell him “Hey [lawyerman] I think this lady just admitted to murder on my recorded call!” I follow his advice and pull the call recording, contact the police dept where boyfriend lives, describe the call and give them names etc etc, and submit the recording to them. They take my information and tell me they’ll reach out to me if they need anything further.

I never heard back from the police after that.

After about a week I got curious and did some googling. I found a local news article confirming her story (and no, I won’t link you. I don’t wanna get fired). She did in fact, run this man over, and kill him. Turns out boyfriend was a domestic abuser and she ran him over in self defense. No charges were filed against girlfriend and based on the date of the article I didn’t have any information the police didn’t already have. Whether he deserved it is not my moral judgement to make…but I doubt I’ll ever have a call like that again.

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