I work in a call center answering for several offices when they are busy, lazy, or closed. This was a call that brought a genuine smile/laugh. It’s been a while since I’ve had a caller do that here. Mostly it’s business. Occasionally some chuckles or happy calls. All names changed even initials.

Me: (Blah) medical office. This is InfernoTerra.

Caller: Hi this is Tina with (Blah) Hospital, I have a patient here who’s a patient of Dr. V- Dr. V. (She struggles to say the name and eventually starts to spell it). That’s Dr. Vat-

Me: That’s okay I know who you mean. Most people call them Dr. V

Her: (Playfully) Oh. Well next time interrupt me and tell me that. So I don’t butcher it.

Me: Nah it’s funnier this way.

Her: Oh that’s sadistic of you…

Thank you hospital lady for making me laugh.

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