My worst call

We get assholes all day long. From confused to defensive to just plain mean people who drain their personal bile through our headsets. These roll off the back.



“I understand”


“I would be upset too”


“I am going to try everything that I can”


But the one call that literally shook me up, worse than the expletives, worse than the down talk, worse than people who “know where I am,” worse than the people who think my supervisor actually cares that you didn’t get your way and want to be a baby about it (which let’s be honest none of this is that bad because it literally is all in a days work), was a call I got from someone from my own company.

I love getting calls from people in my company. We’re on the same team! You get me! I want to help you! I can let my guard down a little. And honestly I will go a little more out of my way to try to get your situation resolved quickly.

And I did.

On this call I tried all the tricks I could think of to help this person. I got creative — like gold medal gymnast level contortions for this guy.

And you know what he tells me?

“Do you know who I am?”

I get that shit all the time. I had a doctor who I truly enjoyed pissing off because he wanted to make sure I knew who he was and kept referring to himself as Dr. so and so and I responded with, “Yes, Mr. so and so, I do understand what you are saying.” Famous people, had a few. That shit does not phase me.

But then he went in on me. Talking about reporting me and fucking up my life. Finding me.

I wasn’t afraid for my job (union shop ftw). However, this was a guy from the inside. We are on the same team. This is friendly fire.

It caught me off guard. It actually hurt my cold dead feelings.

I look him up in the org chart and this piece of shit was some low level supervisor in some far flung nowhere field office.

I put him on hold and reported his tepid fucking manape sucking ass to my supervisor who reported him up his chain.

I don’t know what actually happened to him, but in my mind his ass got reamed out and put on disciplinary action (and fired). Let’s you and me hold hands and roll around in that beautiful image for just a second.

Tl;dr Friendly fire is the worst and I will gladly help you lose your job

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