It’s not like you all dont have it

Employed at a call center for a major financial institution, I get lots of unusual calls. This particular one was mindblowing for me. I get a call from a customer who is requesting a waiver on her account. When reviewing it, I dont see any bank fees but she is overdrawn 500 dollars for an atm withdrawal (yes we do allow this, if you are signed up for debit card overdraft service). Customer. Well can the bank do a one time courtesy and waive the 500 dollars Me ma’am there are no fees to waive. The overdraft on your account is because you took money out of an atm Customer well I know that but I dont have it, so just this one time can you waive it. Me I do apologize but I’m unable to waive it. This is a transaction in which you received monies. Customer but I dont have it and I know the bank can provide a courtesy Me The bank can provide courtesy reimbursements on bank fees, but this overdraft is a transaction in which you received the money Customer But its not like you all dont have it. At this point I know the only thing she wants to hear is I can make this go away. So after a few suggestions (i.e. are you able to borrow from a family member, would you like to speak to our overdraft dept to possibly work out payment arrangements to pay the overdraft amount) she asks to speak to a supervisor to see if they could help her.

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