I work as a receptionist for a construction company

My job is so chill. Most of the time I sit and do homework for school or do work for coworkers but once in a blue moon I get those weird callers that expect me to know them.

M: Me OC: Obnoxious caller

Me: ******* construction how can i help you

OC: hey im returning your call!

M: may I ask who is calling sir?

OC: this is so and so from ***** I literally just called you…

m: well who are you calling for sir

OC: *gets annoyed* WOW you sure are hearing sweetie. Im calling for ****

M *i go and get my boss who he was speaking with*

My boss looks at me and is like ‘lol wtf why didnt he call me on my cell'(Usually serious callers just call our bosses on their personal phone) . I cant help but laugh at these people.

Fun fact: on a random note i still get people who call as if we’re a bike repair shop and get so angry and confused that I dont know a bike shop near us

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