Why didn’t they call me?

Customer called in raving about this “horribly rude, just awful the things they say” letter they got. I pull it up, and it’s just a standard late payment notice. I notice that the phone number they are calling from is a completely different area code than the one for the numbers on file, and as I look at the notes I see that a local employee had called both numbers on file and found that one was disconnected and the other was a different family altogether.

The customer was furious that it wasn’t on autopay, and wanted to know why no one called. I explain what I can see, and they ask why I didn’t call again. I explain that I only know what I can see, because they called over an hour after the store closed and after hours they roll their calls to the call center.

Apparently everything I do or say from there is AWFUL. Customer service is useless! (of course, this is only their excuse to never speak to customer service) How could they not call a second time after they got the wrong family? Well, normally it happens because people don’t tell us when they change their number.

“But we’ve had this number for 20 years! Why didn’t they tell me I need to change my number?!”

They proceeded to continue giving conflicting statements, claiming that the number that reached a different family still belonged to them, but also insisting that they didn’t have to change their number and that someone at the location should have told them they have to change their number.

It turned into a typical 15 minutes of being yelled at for problems they caused by not thinking because they were too stubborn to admit that the company has no way of knowing what their new number is.

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