Now I cant ID and help you anymore…

So this is my story when I called to the tax authorities call center. And yes it was my fault. And I dont hold a grudge but I do think it was stupid enough from me to share. She must have had a laugh though

My boyfriend didnt do his tax administration due to some personal circumstances and where I live, they make a very big estimation and a fine and if you dont pay up, they just claim your income. We found out when his employer called that his income would be going to the taxes that month.

He asked me to call for him cause he is very bad at containing his anger and frustration with stuff like this.

So the first time I called I was in a 30 min wait, and they asked me 2 questions to ID myself and 2 question about him to make sure i am close to him. And then she transferred me to another department. And another. And another. And all of them had to ID me. Since they were all busy I had to wait an hour and a half in total until I spoke to the person who could help me.

At that point I thought it would be helpful to just tell them what they needed. My name and Id. The problem. And his name, and all the answers to the previously asked questions. And then she told me it didnt count if I told it from my own so she needed to come up with some other questions. And she started asking detailed info from tax administration 3 years ago which I obviously dont know. And she hung up on me. And I needed to call back. And get transferred… and transferred…

I started calling at 10am and ended at 1 PM.

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It kills me when callers rant and talk so much and then have the nerve to rush me when I’m trying to assist them.

"I’m not trying to make this a race issue but…"