War on Christmas?

I was told to post this here, figured you guys would relate. So I work in a call centre and just got bitched at by a boomer for saying ‘Happy Holidays.’ I explained to her that we have many different people calling in, and ‘Happy Holidays’ is a fair, non-assuming way to wish my best to everyone this season, regardless of their belief system. This woman just couldn’t accept that not everyone is a Christian. The kicker? ‘You say Merry Christmas, that’s what it is, that’s what YOU believe, so don’t be afraid to say it! Screw what other people think!’ This woman had the audacity to tell me what I believe in. So I politely replied, ‘Actually, ma’am, I celebrate Yule, the pagan holiday that was stolen by Christians and turned into Christmas. So Happy Yule to you!’ She hung up on me.

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