Rep from overseas didn’t want to take the call that only they could fix.

Brief background: This happened when I used to work at a call center (which was also my first job after college) three years ago (I no longer work in one so pardon the misuse of terms). I worked for a health care company, so I mainly assisted hospitals, nurses, and doctors. And our company is based in the Philippines.

One call that I could never forget is from a doctor asking about his payments for the services he provided. He was already irate at the time, mainly because he already talked to five reps and they still can’t help him. He warned me that it was the final time that he was gonna attempt to call, and if I failed to help him, he is going to sue ME. I know that he can’t since he doesn’t have my full name or any other info, but knowing how angry he was makes me wanna help him more.

So we began. After gathering his info, and attempting to access his data multiple times, it turns out that he was calling the wrong company branch, and that the only people that can help him are the ones at the US. I told him the problem, and offered to call the other branch myself and do a warm transfer. He somehow lightened up a bit, and was thankful for my clarification.

I dialed the US branch, and immediately reached a woman on the other end.

I explained to her what happened, and I guess my mistake was I told her way too much, like how the customer called 5 times and such.

She then asked “hmm is the caller irate?” To which I replied “not yet, really.” She said “what do you mean not yet? Alright, I’m not gonna take that call, go talk to your supervisor or whatever.” Me: “But I-” She: “I AM NOT GONNA TAKE THAT CALL.” Slams the phone For real, she slammed the phone.

I got a bit flustered, but then decided to try another warm transfer, hoping that I would reach a “nicer” person.

And immediately I’m connected again. But to my surprise. It’s her. I know it’s her voice. I know it’s her name. And I know I ain’t gonna have to deal with her crap anymore. So pressed the transfer button without even speaking.

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