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I work at a call center, writing and editing property and auto insurance policies. This happened about 3 years ago, to my teammate Ed (who, as a matter of fact, made me a reddit addict, so maybe he’ll read this!). We started in the same class, and were very new at the time.

Ed gets a call from a very angry man. Seems he’s past due on his bill, and is at risk of losing his insurance. And, as call center employees, we all know, it’s the person on the phone’s fault, when the person calling can’t pay their bills.

So, Mr. Past Due is yelling and ranting at Ed, “F” this, and “F” that, “F” your company, “F” you . . . (of course, he was not saying “F”. . . ). In the middle of this expletive laced tirade, he pulls up to a drive thru, and very casually and politely orders himself some tacos. Upon completing his order, he returns to his onslaught upon Ed.

Now, Ed is a pretty chill guy, and he didn’t take offense at this call in any way, he thought it was pretty amusing. So as soon as the call ended, he wanted the rest of us to hear it. So, he grabs Melanie, our supervisor, to have the call pulled. She listens to the call, and you can see her go pale as she listens. She then submitted Mr. Past Due for non-renewal (for those not in the biz, that means when his current insurance policies expire, he will not be renewed, and no longer able to get insurance with us).

Sadly, I never did get the chance to hear this call, but for a good long time after that, this call was used in training classes to show, among other things, that the company has your back, you are not allowed to be abused by those on the other end of the phone.

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