How did this person get hired?

Hopefully this makes sense

I work on an internal help desk doing timesheet and payroll questions and I just got off the phone with a guy that is so dense I wonder if he can walk and breathe at the same time, nevermind chewing gum.

Here are the highlights

The call started out with him telling me “you sound different than the other lady I talked to” …. I would certainly hope so, considering I am a different person but ok.

As I’m trying to walk him through recording his time he’s arguing with me that he’s not seeing what I see on his timesheet….apparently he didn’t make the connection between not seeing all the columns on his timesheet and the scroll bar.

At this point I’ve devolved to my kindergarten teacher voice. I’m trying to not give into the sarcasm I feel building and give him the benefit of the doubt because I can tell he’s new, but seriously!?!

I walk him through how to go the the page in our company internal site where there are instructions and reference guides because he doesn’t “remember” if he took the MANDATORY timesheet training.

Finally, when he reopened his timesheet to update the project numbers he’s confused why there’s nothing there, turns out he said no to the pop-up asking if he wanted to save the changes.

This entire 25 minute call he’s getting frustrated with me because he doesn’t understand. When he finally gets off my phone I had to double check with my coworkers that I was, in fact, speaking plain English (I only speak English, but with the lack of comprehension I had to double check)

This was my first call of the day. God help me.

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