A long time ago in a Call Center and me causing a lady to freak out

I have been told I have a sick sense of humor. I disagree. My humor may be warped, but not sick. Sick humor means that you have a problem and it will get better. Warped is forever!

My call center story comes from way back in the day before Hi-Speed Internet. We are talking about telephone lines and modems. I worked technical support for the (at that time) giant of the industry. That’s right. The dreaded 3 letter company from Virginia. You know which one.

Our story begins with me taking calls and diagnosing connection issues. I had been there for about 2 years and could pretty much quote modem strings (Google it if you have to) and fix most problems with the software in my sleep. We would receive calls from all over the country and, oftentimes, as I was guiding a caller through the fix, the caller would say something like, “This is fantastic! Can you see what I am doing?” I would explain that these were common errors and since we knew the basic layout of the home screen and the file structure, it was easy to guide them through it.

This is where I got into trouble.

One day, I was in a weird mood (it happens) and I was guiding the caller through the fix when she made that fateful comment:

“This is fantastic! Can you see what I am doing?”

This time my sense of humor roared forth and replied “Yes. Yes, I can. And would you move to the left a little bit? You are blocking the TV.

She shrieked and slammed the phone down, disconnecting the call.

Our fun doesn’t stop there as I told a co-worker about the call and he thought it was so funny that he wanted to do it.

He came back a while later and said it didn’t go quite as he had planned. Once again…

“This is fantastic! Can you see what I am doing?”

To which he replied, “Why, yes I can. And by the way, nice blouse.

He said there was dead silence until she came back with, “You know….that would be funny if I was wearing a blouse

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