So about the Terminator series timeline…

This is actually a story from my husband, i asked to post it as I was dying from laughter when he told me! He and i used to work for the same credit card company, i worked customer service for 2 years, he still works there in their fraud department.

When i worked there in customer service, we would always get a whisper of an incoming call. Fraud apparently does not as they had a different system than us. Onto what happened!

My husband and his coworker had a very long conversation about the Terminator movie franchise, detailing each movie and each timeline and how they connect.

What my husband was not aware of was that he actually had a caller on the line.

For an estimated THREE MINUTES he and his coworker discussed in detail the movie timelines. Until the customer chimed in “The newer Terminator movie sucked and they already said John Connor dies earlier but yet hes still alive”

Hes now learned the lesson of even if you dont hear the whisper, at least look at your screen to make sure youre not on a call! Customer at least was very chill, the next one might not be.

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