Seasonal Hold Screw-Up

This story is from my last day as a billing rep for a major cable company. I already put my two weeks in, but this just confirmed that I made the right decision.

For those that don’t know. Seasonal hold is where you pay like $20 a month for up to 9 months to leave your cable equipment at home. So if you’re not there you don’t have to pay full price. And instead of returning all of your stuff you just leave it there and it turns back on when you tell us to turn it on for you. Usually snow birds that go down south for the winter take advantage of this.

So I get a call from a lady around 11 AM. She’s already in hysterics and cussing. I know this is going to be a good call from the start.

She just came back to her winter home and picked up some cable boxes. She was mad that her service wasn’t working. After searching for her account for about ten minutes I can’t find anything. So not sure how she even got the boxes to begin with.

Turns out when she went on seasonal about six months ago she turned her cable boxes in and after about a month her account purged and was cancelled.

I was thinking of the right way to tell this already beligerent woman the bad news. I told her in the nicest way possible and she began arguing with me and calling me a moron. Saying that she does that every year and never has an issue.

Instead of just admitting she’s wrong and getting the issue fixed she just wanted to yell and talk over me. I tried to get the call under control, but to no avail. After about an hour of arguing, me reading her the seasonal policy word for word, she still is saying I’m an idiot and don’t know what I’m doing. She then escalates the call.

I send the call to my lead and go to lunch. By the time I get back my lead is still arguing with her. A simple 10 minute call to get her service restored turned into over two hours.

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