The matrix must have glitched today

Names changed for anonymity, but names are important.

So today I got a call from John Jacob. Mr. Jacob had sent himself some money from another account and then gone to one of our branches to withdraw that money. He withdrew the full available (not collected) balance. Unfortunately the transfer service he used has a cutoff time of 3 pm EST, and while John did in fact put in the transfer between 2 and 3, he is on Central Time. This caused John to receive an OD fee.

Well this didn’t seem to me like something John would know or attempt to exploit, so I decided to reach out to his branch and see if they would be willing to waive his fee. After a few rings, John (the teller) picked up the phone and let me know that while he wouldn’t be able to waive the fee he would have his supervisor, John, take a look at the client’s account when John came back from lunch.

Satisfied, I switched back to the inbound line and informed John that I called his branch and spoke to John who said that John would be happy to look at John’s account once John comes back from lunch, and we’ll see what we can do about those fees.
Mr. Jacob seemed amused by the series of words he’d just been bombarded with, but he still wanted to know why his transfer had tricked him.

Because of the transfer method I had to reach out to our Internet department, where I was connected to… Jacob. Jacob gets Mr. Jacob’s account pulled up and tells me about how the client is Central Time, and offers to explain the situation to John as well as waive the fees.

So after the transfer I called John’s branch back and let John and John know that Jacob would be handing John Jacob and his fees, so they don’t have to worry about it.

TL;DR: My desk neighbor, John, may very well asphyxiate today.

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