I run a call center. What can I do to improve my employees’ experience?

I may be downvoted to hell for this, but I’m an executive at a company (I prefer not to share the name/industry) and 75% of my employees work in a call center. For some context, almost 20 years ago I started in a call center so I understand the issues everyone deals with.

I ran into this sub and see true horror stories. I want to make sure my folks don’t ever deal with the things you all mention.

So, what can I do to make my people’s job easier/better/more bearable?

Some additional info:

I work in a regulated industry.

My people take breaks wherever they feel it’s needed. I don’t schedule them.

My current company has a career path, but I need suggestions on motivating people who don’t want to move up.

We do recognition, but this is where I need the most help. I understand some people are motivated by accolades and others hate it. We give spot bonuses but I also know some aren’t motivated by money alone.

Any suggestions are welcome. Thanks, all.

Edit: not sure if this matters (which is why I’m here; to get your opinions) but each of my employees has full medical benefits (90% employer paid). The reason I say I’m not sure if it matters is that I’m more interested in helping the day-to-day experience for my employees.

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90% of my calls be like this

WhY aRe YoU TrYiNg tO KiLl Me!