Entitled Grandma

First time posting here, please be kind haha

So I just started working at a rather large clothing company call center and already had a nightmare customer call in!

She’s a grandma who ordered these presents for her grand kids, and she put in the wrong address at checkout. She calls to get the address changed, which I was happy to do for her. As I look at her order, she demands free expedited shipping. I tell her I can give her expedited shipping for a fee, but not free. She gets furious, that she’s been a customer for forever, this is our fault, and she keeps badgering me. I talk to one of my trainers and they assure me that I can’t offer free expedited when it’s not our fault. I try and relate this and she just explodes at me, barely letting me put her on hold, just kind of angrily threatening me and asking for a manager. Because I was in training, I took it pretty hard, I transferred her and took a break, where I ended up having a panic attack.

Luckily, now when I get a bad call, I just laugh. At least it wasn’t as bad as that fucking grandma!!

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The matrix must have glitched today

Shout out to my US call center peeps working on the holiday!