Abusive dick head

Long time lurker on my second account. First time poster. Mandatory mobile disclaimer. Me: who do you think DH: customer

Me: thanks for calling telecom my name is me. How can I help? DH: WHENS MY INTERNET GONNA BE FIXED MY NAME IS DICK HEAD AT 69 asshole lane Me: well let me take a look, I see you were in an outage DH: I KNOW AND MY DAD CALLED AND HE SAID YOU WOULD SEND SOMEONE OUT SO WHEN IS THAT GONNA BE Me: well it looks like he never set anything up. Can I help you set something up DH: WELL YEAH I WANT THEM HERE TOMORROW OR SATURDAY Me: well sir I’m sorry it looks like the first available is Monday but you can call in the morning when dispatch is here at 8 am. DH: THATS NOT GOOD ENOUGH TOMORROW OR SATURDAY OR NOT AT ALL Me: repeats myself DH: screams expletives and tells me how to kill myself. And threatens to sue us because daddy and mommy has lawyers

At this point I told him on hold and got a supervisor. I don’t know how much longer I can take this with out losing my sanity.

TLDR: asshole entitled dickhead demanded I get someone out tomorrow to fix his internet and when I couldn’t he proceeded to tell me how to hurt myself.

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