Was told I should post this here: TV provider employee calls out my father, and it’s great

I shared this story elsewhere, but was asked to post it here because you all would enjoy it. So here you go!

First you must understand that my father is the ultimate weasel when it comes to his bills. Especially his phone/TV/internet bill. He often calls up the company that sounds like Dodgers and complains about this or that and demands something for free. He’s a long standing customer with them, and has managed to secure a lower monthly bill than anyone I know. It’s actually ridiculous.

Anyway, my father was going over his monthly bill and started freaking out. It was $20(CAD) more than it usually is, so he started scanning the charges until he settled his attention on Crave. He had ordered Crave so that he could watch Game of Thrones. Not just the new season, but all of it. So he called up Dodgers a few months before the new season was out, and said he wanted Crave but that he didn’t want to pay for it. He used all his tricks and stated many times that he was their best customer and blah blah blah (I really hate when he gets cheap about things). Somehow he managed to get it for free for six months, AND lower his overall monthly bill to the point where when they start charging for Crave, his bill would still be lower than it was. He was happy.

Fast forward to now. He sees his first $20 charge for Crave and immediately calls Dodgers. He starts berating the poor employee and accusing them of adding something to his account without his knowledge or permission. Said he didn’t know what Crave was, didn’t know what Game of Thrones was, and requested a FULL REFUND of his entire Dodgers bill for the last THREE months for the “inconvenience”.

Instead of caving to his demands, like Dodgers usually does, the employee played the original call transcript back to him. He was forced to sit there listening to his original call where he requested Crave, talked about how excited he was to watch Game of Thrones, rambled on, flirted, and finally weaseled his way into a lower bill yet again.

He was finally called out on his bullshit, and I couldn’t be happier. So thank you to that Dodgers employee that held their ground. My father is an asshole and is so used to getting his way. You’re the first to stand up to him, and he’s still sulking. You did good. He tells every Dodgers employee that they deserve a raise as part of his sweet talking, but you actually deserve one.

Note: He did cancel Crave, but they gave him no money back.

Edit: Recent update. He wants to order Crave again. sigh

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