Wanted us to pay for TV they broke

This customer was disconnected from our cable in May. Our field technician just disconnected them at the pole there wasn’t any inside equipment to pick up.

Late August we get a call from them. They say our technician was out there to take the cable wire off the TV but refused to do so. Anything a tech does has a work order for reasons like this. I told her as much we have no notes, no work orders, and in fact, he was in a nearby town working that day. She then asks us to schedule a work order to have the same tech come out and take the wire off the back of their TV. I told her that she is not our customer, if she’d like to sign back up our tech could come out but it wouldn’t be to take the wire off but to check service was hooked back up right outside and in. She then ‘insisted’ but didn’t want to sign back up. We have 0 reasons to do this and mental red flags started going up. As in we are playing a game of the last person to touch the TV broke the TV. It went a little like this.

Me-” Ma’am may I ask why you are needing our technician to come out to remove the cable from the back of the TV. You don’t need us to unscrew the cable from your own equipment we don’t own the cable line itself that became yours once you left our service.”

Ms. Pants on fire – “It’s to tight on the back of the TV just have someone come out.”

Me- “I am sorry you are not a customer, at best if we were to be able to do this there would be a charge”

At this point, she explodes starts yelling and swearing and demanding we send someone now and for free. I hear a lady in the background call her a different name. I then pull my trump card (well for now). I tell her ” I thought you said your name was Ms. Pants on fire, not Ms. S Goat.?” She says yes that is her name. “OH, I am sorry you are not authorized on the old account to make changes” the swearing intensifies. I let her no again – ” you are not our customer or the person authorized on that inactive account, if you swear again I am ending the call.” FBOMB *click*

a couple of hours later.

She calls back rehashes the same story. I let her know the same as before. Not authorized, not our customer, not sending a tech to take their own cable off their own TV, Our tech was not there. GPS records have him in another town that day, No work order on the account for that, And even if we did there would be a charge and you refused it. She started to swear. *click* don’t have to listen to a noncustomer chew me out.

15 min later

This time the daughter the actual old account holder calls in. Like mother like daughter. This time we got the well if you don’t come out we will sue. I flat out said “how are you going to sue us for refusing to take your cable off your tv and you are not our customer?” she started in like her mother using her lack of vocab skills to start dropping fbombs and I dropped my own *click* bomb as well.

2 hours later – the notes on the account show she went to our local office in that town (not the same office I work in) asking when the tech was coming out to take the cable off. She saw all my notes which are pretty close to what seen above. (people enjoy my notes because I don’t pull punches so others know the what happened not the pretty interoffice ‘difficult customer’ no I tell them so they know why). The office lady told her the same she stormed out.

4 days later the technician calls us from the area. He tells us this lady stopped him outside the office and said we need to replace the entire TV, the backside is broken seems they kept tightening it till the coax port snapped….. The account has an attention note on it. Not to be hooked back up and not paying for their TV they broke it and tried to lay blame on us. The town where it’s located is truly a small town and the technician knows their neighbors and they told them literally that. They were going to have us come out to lay blame on us. edit – trust your gut

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