First day on the floor

I recently got my health and accident insurance license, and I’ve been in “training” for 4 weeks now. (the company is going through major transitions right now and most all of their systems are broken). This morning, we got a supervisor to tell us we would be y-jacking with more experienced agents…and we didn’t. Instead, 30 minutes before my shift ended, the floor manager comes over and has me get on the phone as a tier 1 agent. A customer service rep. I was not trained to know how to be a CSR, I was trained for tier 2.

“Don’t worry, we’re not busy and there are a lot of other people are waiting for calls”… But I got calls. Panic attack enter stage right. So when they throw me on the phone, I die because I don’t really know how to transfer calls or how to find language services. They tried to have me do a job I didn’t know how to do, and when I DID need to transfer someone, the supervisors had no idea what to do. They couldn’t give me a number to give them or anything. They told me to “just say you can’t hear them, give them our number, and hang up”.

This is gonna be a long AEP.

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