I’ve talked to the Governor, The Attorney General and will run you out of town. Daddy Said I could. (long one)

These are the conversations via email verbatim edited for privacy reasons. Misspellings etc all left in. For context, he isn’t the account holder. I’ll put my comments along the way in parenthesis. —-

“I have elderly parents.. My father is literally on his death bed. I was having problems with our ISP and switched to INTERNET PROVIDER They were awesome on the..”take my order and my money side.. They came out and drilled up our house (we used existing lines and holes no drilling per notes, plus not his house it’s his parents who are the account holders) and we had everything with them at that point-TV, Internet, phone and cable.. None of it worked (I can pull usage records of internet and phone and there are plenty but you get the gist).. Now, I can live with the painful process of their over the top horrible customer service-RUDE-cussed me and hung up on me four times..this is no all (Yes he was hung up on 2 times actually and it was due to him yelling and swearing we have the notes and recordings he was warned continued to have his tantrum and swear and calls were ended) I recorded the second service rep. and sent that sound file to our AG in our state.. He is a family friend and IS launching an investigation into INTERNET PROVIDER as it relates to doing business with customers in this they’re getting a microscope up the backside..

What I cannot live without is a working phone with such sick parents! (he was calling from said non working phone when he called in) Nothing works and they refuse to come out and fix it.. ( his parents, have had 2 service calls both called in and requested in 3 years why no work order refusals on our end that isn’t even a thing to do) The issue isn’t the contractor/installer, the problem is he costs money and they prioritize urgency.. (no idea what he is talking about here, techs do cost money their pay is the same if they fix someone or not so obviously fixing would be priority) Well, I was advised by our AG that if my father becomes sick and we cannot call 911 from that phone, we have an excellent lawsuit.. (mixed bag, the phone service/line isn’t broke again it’s the one he calls on and after all this he just goes away basically after one work order spoilers and it’s their phone that is bad) and he’s in the mix (already proved a lie) to help us because we brought him into the fold as it happened. This is a company to be avoided at all cost. (and yet here you are??) It’s not even a gamble to go with them-it’s a loser of a proposition to have any contact with them, much less a relationship. There will be a large billboard on the main road in this small town that will read: Buyer Beware! INTERNET PROVIDER is to not be trusted and beware of the horrible product and service! The board is paid for and will be up by the time anyone reads this.. (flat out lie he was called on my the owner after legal threats, oh that’s right those go both ways) I’ve come across some horrible companies..this one is off the chart in terms of a nightmare! Save yourself! Stay away!

Harry S.

(no idea why he signed it and then added a PS )

I’ve discussed this at length with the Governor, his staff, The Attorney General and his staff and they’re getting into an official state investigation. The AG’s office will contact me when this is cleared and has begun. My affidavit is written along with a long list of dissatisfied customers. The AG was actually here when this all happened and you refused to fix our problems.. He’s on it..and I quote..”not going to happen in my state..if you do business here, you will operate to the expectation promised or you will be subject to any and all fraud laws and/or laws that we find are being broken.” Right off he found several straight off of your contract and your agreements that he can clearly challenge and is preparing to do so.. Don’t rip people off! And after the billboard goes up..Direct TV and Dish should send me a check.. I’m running you out of this town-the small town of Backwoods USA. (well we stayed till we sold it for a large profit years later)

You jerked me it’s your turn. Have you ever just screwed with the wrong person? ..have you ever just shrugged something off but then realized maybe if we had done our job we wouldn’t be under investigation?

Well get ready for’s coming so enjoy..compliments of Harry S. Backwoods USA

We have our prior provider back and I should pile your crap in the yard.. I bet you’ll get your sorry butts out here then.. If not it can rot for all I care.. (This one is the most confusing. His parents, remember this is their account. Was still our customer till we sold years later. There is no other provider for phone and internet we bought them and updated the system.)

Enjoy our investigation.. Oh and there may be an audit or two.. Good times!

Oh and for being cussed out twice and hung up on: right back at you! You can fuck yourself! You have reps who tell me to fuck myself..and you feel good about that?!? Well, I feel good about dropping you and very good about our effort to run you out of this market with a billboard campaign advertising you’re under investigation!

I get satisfaction and it feels good after what you put me through!

Kiss my assHarry S.


after all this the owner yes the owner called him back. 1. You are not authorized on the account. 2. I checked with the AG and governor and they don’t know you or about your investigation 3. If you want or need things done with the account have the actual account holder contact us or be added to the authorized persons list (he never was) and there are no billboards in the area like that. Good day. I was never so proud to work for this company at that moment. Not a word out of him till AFTER we sold the company yes after I get this email – Mind you this is 6 months after we sold it. And years after the email blew up in his face.

Subject – You should be ashamed

What is your location? Backwoods USAMessage: In trying to watch the first day football games your service reached new a new low. You are the worst communications company hands down. I’m in this business and I’m blown away at the horrible product and horrible service.

Thank God for Dish! I don’t even expect a reply or an attempt to fix these problems that have been on going for years.. I’m the stupid one for staying with you so long.

Harry SBackwoods USA


So what happened to the investigation and didn’t he say he dropped us? SMH. I send back

“I am sorry you have the wrong company. INTERNET PROVIDER sold your area franchise to ANOTHER PROVIDER. Thank you. ANOTHER PROVIDER’S back in December their number is 555-555-5555 “

I get back — “The reason I thought it was you is because your company has a reputation and history of sucking.. fuck you.. and don’t tell people to not go off.. unprofessional and unnecessary. I’m a customer—I hold that right specifically.

Eat me!

Harry –and later that night another short one–

“And you still should be ashamed”At that point, I dropped the hammer enough of this clown. You are a lying POS former customer. So I replied back ———

We are not ashamed we took a dilapidated system of ANCIENT CABLE COMPANY brought it into the 21st century taking it from a system that since the invention of the internet had never seen speeds above 1 mps to an upgraded system with 100 mps. Added thousands of customers. We sold the system to an interested party NEW INTERNET PROVIDER a few months ago. I treat people as I am treated the Golden rule. Shame doesn’t come into until your last response which is just that shameful. I have been professional. I told you we are not your provider. I could have ignored it since you are not our customer. Letting you know this is hardly ‘going off’ Instead, I mentioned we are not your provider Have a good day and thank you.No response a month later. So put his address in our spam filter this AM.

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