"Is your automated system as jacked as your centers?!"

Well, technically it’s our client’s IVR, but let’s not bring semantics into this.

So I work at an indirect center that takes calls for a major US telecom company. Our call volume now is way more overloaded than when I started nearly 4 years ago. Waiting 30+ mins to speak to someone isn’t unheard of, especially on a weekend.

Was nearly my last break and instead of taking it a few minutes early, I decided to take another call. I knew it was going to be one of those calls when the guy started off with “IS IT NORMAL TO WAIT 30 FUCKING MINUTES ON HOLD BEFORE SOMEONE PICKS UP?!” Uh, yeah it is. You also called during the afternoon on a Saturday. Anyone with the bare minimum of brain activity will know that’s a busy time no matter the company.

I do the scripted sorry about the hold time blah blah blah. Mentality I was thinking people complaining about waiting forever should do the job themselves before being aggro on a complete stranger. But, I digress. After he states the obvious of more people should be hired etc, he tells me what the issue is. Apparently the automated system was broken and this was justification to be an ass.

Considering not a single person mentioned the IVR was down, I was skeptical. Offered to go through the IVR myself to test it. Guess what? It wasn’t down. But it also wasn’t accepting the payment with the card on file. Checked the account remarks then attempted to pay it manually. The error code it gave was in relation to the billing zip tied to the card was wrong.

This is something that has 0 to do with my center or the client and 100% to do with the customer not notifying their bank or credit card issuer of a change of address. Normally I’d go above and beyond to resolve an issue but this guy was a PITA — he got transferred to financial services and I went on break.

There really should be a “smart test” for who is allowed to have a smartphone.

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