“The oven sounds louder!”

Just a brief one from my time in customer service for a well-known, popular UK household and electronics store. I worked mainly white goods, so large kitchen appliances. I dealt with everything from placing orders, deliveries, trouble shooting faults. You get the picture.

So one day I get the call from a completely Bizarre Lady. She has had her new electric oven delivered that day, but there was a problem.

Me: and what exactly is the issue you’re having, Bizarre Lady?

BL: the oven door sounds louder here.

Me: I beg your pardon?

BL: the door on the oven. When I close it, it sounds louder than it did when I looked at the model in store. I want it replacing with (more expensive model)

Me: I’m sorry you’re unhappy, but unfortunately as per our policy we don’t return or replace goods unless they are damaged or faulty. Is the door intact? It’s not broken or damaged?

BL: no it’s just louder than it was in store and I don’t want it in my kitchen.

We went back and forth a bit, her demanding a replacement or a full refund, both against policy as there was nothing wrong with the damn thing, except she couldn’t understand why something might sound louder in a small home kitchen than it does in a huge showroom.

I ended up escalating the call to my supervisor, who reiterated what I said, and BL hung up.

A few days later, my colleague informed me he’d taken a call from BL, trying to get a replacement again. Turns out, after being turned down by me and my supervisor, she had smashed the glass in the door and called in claiming it arrived broken. She clearly didn’t get a refund or replacement as notes left on her account stated her original call, and all our calls are recorded so it could be proven the oven was delivered in perfect condition.

BL was eventually blacklisted, and left with a smashed oven due to her own stupidity.

TLDR- customer complains door shuts louder than she expected, then purposely damages oven to try and get a replacement. Is refused and blacklisted from store.

Edit to add – although we did have a policy for returns, this was voided if the item was out of its original packaging and “used.” She had the oven unpackaged, installed, and sent the rubbish away with our delivery guys, so it was out of policy. All customers are informed of this when they order and again when an item is delivered.

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