"It doesn’t print Yellow"

About a decade ago while working towards getting all my pilot training, I worked for a contractor to Dell doing Customer Care. When Dell learned I had an aviation background, they moved me to support the Boeing Enterprise Help Desk. Mostly the calls I took were getting emails to send, resetting passwords, and other simple stuff. A few calls would be Unix related or tied to the program Boeing uses for doing expense reports.

I got one call that started as a simple document release for an expense report, but the caller said “I sounded knowledgeable, maybe I can help with another issue.” Ok, this call came in as a Tier 2 call so the metrics are different and I am not super worried about call times, so let’s hear it.

Caller: “I am working on a presentation for my boss (VP of something or other) and for the past three days I can’t get it to print any yellow.”

Me: “Ok, have you assured that the printer is a color printer and that it isn’t in need of service?”

Caller: “Yes, it is (type of large office printer) and in the settings I checked the levels and it says all are full.”

I got the addresses and used my tools to check the printer and all was good. I then got her permission to remote in to her desktop and check her printer settings. Everything looked correct, so I selected a page with a lot of yellow on the chart and sent it to print. She said the other colors are there, but still no yellow.

I then asked if there was another color printer we could send it to, but this was the only one as it was in the executive office. The rest of the building was simple black and white laser printers. So, after 15 mins of not finding anyway via software to see a problem or give a solution, I created a ticket for a tech to go onsite and troubleshoot. Part of creating a ticket for an Executive is putting your contact info as you are relied upon to complete any software side fixes.

Later that day my phone rings, not from the call queue, but a direct dial. I take the call and it is the tech working the issue. He seems a little pissed and asked if this was some sort of a joke. I assured him it wasn’t, I was just working the issue as reported. He explained to me that when he got to the printer the lady came out of her office and told him the issue. He had it print a test page and immediately saw the issue.

The lady was using a light yellow paper and her charts were not “outlined” or bordered. As such, it was printing yellow, onto yellow paper, and her charts were unreadable. Adding a border, or just using normal white paper would have solved the issue. You know, common sense.

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