You don’t want to save £4000 because you’ll have to spend £2…???

Hey Reee Army.

Don’t really know where to put this story because I still can’t get my head around the stupidity of this guy.


I was working for a multi media company doing customer service for phone TV and broadband, Part of my job is to recommend a better service to customers to help save customers money.

Here’s where our story begins:


Me: the great and powerful Oz

DC: dumb customer

Call comes in,

Me: hello my name is ME how can I help you?

DC: yes I’d like to pay my phone bill.

ME: ok let me check.

I always check the customers bill first before I do anything else.

ME: OH MY GOD!!…this has to be a mistake!

DC: what’s the problem?

ME: it says here that you’re bill is over £4000!!!

DC: that’s right, same as last time.

He says this so casually, like he was commenting on the weather. Sure enough his bills for the last six months were the same or even higher! I had to find out why, he did have other services such as the broadband and TV but they were standard charges.

ME: do you mind if I take a look at your call log to see if I can get your bill down for next month?

DC: ok, but it’s really not a problem.

When I check the call logs I see dozens of calls to Dubai all over two hours long charged at the premium rate.

ME: ok what I’m seeing here is a lot of international calls lasting well over an hour, so you’re being charged at full rate after the first hour expired, but even then it shouldn’t be this high when you have international number features applied.

DC: no I don’t have any of those, their just a waist of money.

ME: no sir, if you had the international call on your phone plan it would have saved you thousands.

DC: but my bill would go up if I did that.

Talking about his basic bill of his services which was about £40, adding the international call plan would only be an extra £2.

I spent the next half hour trying to convince this numb skull that £2 was less than £4000.

ME: sir if you add the international call plan and keep your calls under an hour, you’re international calls would be greatly reduced to the same price as a local call.

DC: but I’ll still have to pay £2 more on my bill, i really can’t afford to pay extra for this.

Listening in shear disbelief at how stupid that statement was, I persisted.

ME: just so I get this right….you would rather pay £4000 per month for your phone bill instead of paying £42 per month for all your services?

DC: that’s right….the international call plan just costs to much, it’s cheaper to be without it.

I’m not joking, he really said that.

His argument was that he didn’t call Dubai very often, so it was an unnecessary expense, despite the fact that he called Dubai three times a month in the last six months. Even when I tell him this, he still won’t accept it.

Some people have more money than brains.

To anyone reading who wants to put this on YouTube, you have my full permission, and edit as you please.

And yes you can roast me for grammar.

Laters 👋

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