Restaurant wanted me to contact the bank to undo a refund.

I work as a customer care agent with a Food Ordering app. I take calls to assist both sides, that being customers and restaurants, sometimes drivers. This time the restaurant owner was calling. He had requested previously for an order to be cancelled because he did not want to deliver to the customers house saying it was too late at night and too far (Some restaurants only use our services to get online orders since they have drivers of their own). Keep in mind that once an order gets cancelled we cannot do anything and it is up to the bank to process the refund.

Me – Me RO – Restaurant owner

Me: Thanks for calling X company this is OP speaking, how can I help you?

RO: Hi this is the owner of The Restaurant. Im calling to undo a cancellation for this order.

He then proceeds to give me the info of the order to pull it up.

Me: thanks for the information, sir…. I’m sorry but this order was cancelled because—

RO: I know why it was cancelled but the customer came to my restaurant to pick up the order himself. I just want you to undo the cancellation so that he can pay me.

Me: uhhh. .. sir, I cannot undo the cancellation. Once it’s cancelled the refund is issued automatically and it is up to the bank to process it.

RO: that’s fucking bullshit, just charge the customer again for the order.

Me: we cannot do that. We cannot use the private information of the customer to place orders for them, not we have the ability to do so.

RO: what the fuck do you mean by that?! Jesus you’re so useless. What can’t you do such a simple thing?

I took a moment to calm myself to answer. I couldn’t believe that he would not understand why I wasn’t able to do anything.

Me: I apologize, but you can ask the customer to place the order again for pick up or he can pay you directly if they want.

RO: he doesn’t have cash and he cannot order again because he doesn’t have the refund yet, so he can’t use the card. Just undo the refund already.

Me: I’m sorry, but I already told you that the process right now is in the hands of the bank. We cannot undo the cancellation of an order. It is up to the customers if they want to place an order or not, we cannot place it for them not do we have that ability to do so. It’s illegal and against our policy to use any personal information of our customers.

RO: for fucks sake, are you stupid or something? How can you guys not do a simple task like charging a customer? Your company is such a piece of shit and I am tired of it, get me your manager I am going to cancel my service with you guys and I’m gonna tell your manager that it was your fault and I’m going to get you fired.

In the end I transferred him to the restaurant management department and the account was disabled. I still have my job, of course, but the stupidity and thick head of that restaurant guy was unbelievable. But it really bothers me that this guy wouldn’t understand such a simple thing, I’m kinda glad he stopped being with us.

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