Where is my $5 voucher!!!!!!!

I worked at an Account at a call centre which has clients from all over the world outsourcing their services to us.

For context : I am an Indian but I definitely don’t have a think accent but enough for customers to know that I’m not from their country (Australia)

I was a team leader so I usually only got escalated calls ( basically when shit hit the fan) and I had this lady screaming at me. I kept trying to calm her down while she called me all the names in the devil’s book.

She then went on to scream”Are you from India? You fcking Mumbai Motheruckers! Fcking ISIS btch” I told her if she would not calm down, I would disconnect her call.

She finally told me that she didn’t receive her $5 birthday voucher. I asked her to reconfirm her address and contact details, when everything was in order, I asked her to check her “Spam” folder… which she did…. and guess what she found there? Yup. The $5 voucher.

Lady hung up. Later received a negative feedback on how people of india should not be allowed to be in customer care. I’m not even from India. Never been

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