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tl;dr cust demands a supervisor, refuses my help, while creating a case to transfer him he has a meltdown and hangs up on me.

I work for a car rental company, specifically on the Reservations Department.

Before that, I used to work on the Billing Department. I was a regular billing agent, so when a customer demanded something from me and I couldn’t fulfill his/her demand, they would normally request a supervisor.

On my department it wasn’t so simple to transfer the customer to a supervisor though, first you had to create a case, put the customer on hold for 3 minutes and pray to God that the supervisor would pick up the phone. In case they did, you gave him/her the Case ID, explained him/her the situation, and you transferred the customer. If no one picked up the phone, you had to refresh the customer, place him on hold again and return to the supervisor line for another three minutes. It did wonders with our handle time, and in case someone who doesn’t works at a call center is wondering, yes, handle time is quite essential, especially on our department.

We were told at the beginning of this job to at least try and convince the customer to allow us to help him/her, but it rarely worked, much to my dismay.

H: HenriquesDumbCousin CC: Crazy Customer

H: Thank you for calling Car Rental Company, my name is HenriquesDumbCousin, you were transferred from Reservations, how can I assist you today?

CC: Get me a supervisor right now!

H: Yes of course. Before I do that, please be aware that a supervisor uses the exact same tools I do, so I’ll be more than happy to help you out sir.

CC: No, you guys royally messed up my customer and now I have to deal with this, so get me a supervisor right now.

H: Very well sir, one moment please.

I start to create a case.

CC: Now!

H: I apologize sir, before I can connect you, I need to create a case, it’s policy.

CC: You don’t need to create a case, just connect me now!

H: I apologize sir, I cannot do that, I’m nearly done.

A few seconds pass, I’m nearly done creating the case when…


Customer hangs up.

Even to this date I still wonder what happened to that guy.

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