"I want $100 in compensation for not paying for a month of service."

First post. Thanks fellow call center employees for the great stories! I work for a fairly large (not as big as Comcast but top 10 in America) TV, Internet, and Home Phone provider, in E-Commerce (Online Sales). I have dozens of stories I could share, but this one is the most recent. Also on mobile, so I apologise for formatting.

Fair note, this specific story is from a co-worker, but I’ve had very similar things happen to myself at this very company. Paraphrasing for the most part since I wasn’t provided exact details.

Customer calls in, services not working. We typically don’t deal with these calls in Sales, obviously, but we do check to be sure it isn’t something related to the order we set up before transferring.

Agent: “I have your account pulled up, but it shows the work order was never checked in, so your services were never actually activated.”

Customer: “That’s insane, the tech came out and installed everything over a month ago. My services have been working fine until today.”

Agent: “I apologise for that, he did set the services up but he did not check the work order in, so your account is not active. The system must have finally caught up with that, and deactivated your equipment.”

Customer: “This is bullshit! I need you to turn it back on NOW, and credit my account for the inconvenience.”

Agent: “For the trouble, I can offer you a credit of $20 and get the service activated.”

Customer: “$20???! No, I need $100 and some free movie channels.”

Agent: “Ma’am, you just got a month of free service. We could backdate your account and charge you that $130, but I won’t do that. I’ll activate your services now, and you’ll need to pay the first month of service within 10 days.” (We bill a month in advance, so that’s normal.)

Customer: “I’VE ALREADY HAD THE SERVICE FOR A MONTH! I need to speak to a manager about compensation.”

Agent: “Alright, ma’am, but if you speak with a manager I can assure you they will backdate the account for what you used, which you weren’t billed for.”

Customer: “Forget it, activate my service and I’ll take the $20.”

Agent: “Sorry, at this point I cannot offer the $20 since it was refused. Your service is now active.”


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