I can speak English, can you?

So I get this guy right before lunch break, figure it’d be an easy call before I can relax. This happened today.

Dude calls in rambling incoherently like “I need to get my phone turned on..on..this know what the hell I mean!!”

Uh, no TF I do not? So I go to ask if his phone was cut for payment since the line itself shown active.

He rambles more asking where I’m located so I repeat about the possible disruption because I have no idea the hell he’s wanting. Then he just takes a breath to scream “DO YOU SPEAK ENGLISH??!!!” in a condescending tone like he’s indirectly challenging if I’m American.

For perspective, I have the most generic American accent. He sounded like he was from the hood. My mom’s family is native American. Adding I never even left the US before on top of that.

I have zero tolerance for dickheads. You can cuss all you want about your bill, company policy etc. The moment you try to make things personal, you’re getting the click. I’m not paid enough for that mess. Considering call queues can easily be 30+ minutes, hope he had fun reevaluating that not everyone tolerates a dickhead when he called back.

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