Fun times with Chat Support

When I first started manning the chat support line I was surprised to learn that I could watch the client type real time. It actually became difficult not to answer their questions before they asked them since most conversations follow the same path. It occurred to me that this was likely the case on my end as a customer which immediately compelled me to fuck with people. It’s easy and you can do this to a co-worker or any company’s chat support

Step One: Write a bunch of retarded non-sense like “I’m actually a cat and we’re planning to take over your face” in a word doc or an email for quick copy/paste access

Step Two: Log into chat with an alias

Step Three: copy and paste your confusing statements but don’t send them, just type your actual statement over it and send it.

Just knowing the rep is seeing it and can’t say or do anything about it will enrich your life better than a Sunday sermon

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Asking the same question over and over does not mean the answer will change.

I can speak English, can you?