BuT LeT mE eXpLaIn…

I had a pretty decent day at work today, callers weren’t too crazy but, I got a certain caller a few times today…different people but same situation.

Their discount didn’t go through, not their fault lemme fix it.

And, as I’m hitting the few buttons to do so and explaining what I’m doing exactly , I do not need your whole life story.

I dont see why they jump to giving you every detail of their lives. I dont care.

And, the good thing is managers are straight up like: “Explain you dont need to know but nicely with a: A can better assist you with your account information or You dont have to explain the situation, I am going to help you clear it up”

It just boggles my mind howong thesepeople can go on for and, this weekend I had a guy throw a fit b/c I didnt wanna hear him talk about how he hates our service for the 3rd time. I was closing out the call and then he threw a fit over how “I needed to listen to him” and how “I’d better tell him if I need to pee or not b/c that was the only reason valid enough to cut him off” i put him on mute and he finally hung up 🤣

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Just had a call that was kinda funny.

You ever get so angry the people around you get concerned? I have