You ever get so angry the people around you get concerned? I have

I work for a Government call centre. We deal with people and there inability to read a website… I mean general visa enquiries.

So this person rings up to ask about an application. Standard stuff.

They lodged it 2 weeks ago. Neat.

Processing is 5 days. Ok.

They left and now can’t get back into [Narnia] without this visa. Sucks to be you, but ok.

I run the scripting and just say “if we haven’t contacted you you need to wait” ” we can’t provide status updates” ” we need anything we will contact you” “processing times are online”. Because this is the process, it’s how it works. There is literally nothing we can do.

Well, they start the “you’re not helping” “go into the file” ” my friend needs to return [this is important for later] asap” “He crashed a car without insurance so has to pay”[lol what – me] ” he needs, to return urgently” [it’s not compelling or compassionate sooooo no].

However, I tell him his friend can upload evidence to be considered with the application and remind him of what I have told him before

Oh boy off we go he starts getting worked up at me and more of the “you could look but you can’t” blah blah blah. Anyway, I’m getting annoyed, but it’s standard. THEN, he starts asking for the call refrence[ I gave it to him] and yelling about me not helping some more.

After like 5 minutes I finally get to be firm and give him his first warning. “I’m not yelling” he says… while yelling… yep. At this point, I am using my water bottle as a stress ball and practically crushing it. Still polite though put if he was in front of me he would be catching hands.

I end up doing POI because at this point, fuck it. I don’t someone else to have to go through this, I’m also 100% done at this point.

He passes [someone actually authorized for once] annnnnd I tell him the same information. ” Wow now we are on track thank you for actually helping. Gosh dang, I nearly laughed at that point.

I finish the call using no information from the file and then offer the CSAT because of why not [and we have to 99% of the time]

My deskmate just turns to me and goes “honestly, you are so scary when mad… I’ve never seen you be angry…ever”

I literally have only been that angry twice before… both while working as a Call Centre Agent.

Any advice for when the customer isn’t the only angry one on call? Or how to destress after work?

ACW, AHT, and Lost time are fucked because of that one call which is sad 🙁 I also pray QA don’t use that call because I have one left for this month… I am concerned.

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