A short, fun one – dental appointment

Okay, I’m not sure if this exactly fits the rules – I can remove it if need be. I’m the customer in this case and made the employee laugh, so thought I might share with others, maybe make someone smile.

I do work for a call center, and so I always try to be kind to my brothers and sisters who work the phones.

Recently I was making a dental appointment.

CSR: Okay, so the only day we have open is [your birthday]. Can you come in?

Me: Oh boy, that’s my birthday. There’s no other openings?

CSR: Oh no! Not for another month…

Me: Well that’s okay. Sure I can come in.

CSR: Are you sure! I don’t want to ruin your day.

Me: It’s fine, just make sure I can take something from the prize box.

Now she starts laughing at this point.

CSR: I’ll leave a note in your file. Maybe they’ll let you take two!

Moments later…

CSR: Okay now I just need your insurance information. Are you the primary subscriber?

Me: No my mother is.

CSR: Okay whats her name and date of birth?

Me: Shoot, well her name is [name] and her birthday is [birthday] but I can’t remember the year.

CSR: Oh that’s okay, how old is she, we can work backwards.

Me: Well every time I ask she says 21 so…. let me try to text her.

Texting her…

Me: Hey mom what’s your birthday?

Mom: You should know this. I’m only 21.

And then she gave me the real answer. I told the CSR and we both started laughing so hard. I had some nervousness about the appointment, but now I feel much better.

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