Got ripped a new one over the phone.

Ok so this is the background. I was at my second job doing health insurance calls for a company that is know ln for Obama care. ( Some of y’all may have had calls from them.) And the group I was with was fairly new to me as I had transferred supervisors. But I digress I’ll tell my story.

For this story and safety reasons I’ll not be using the names of the people or go into detail of the work involved:

Me as me The consumer as JA (jack a**) Team members as TM

So the story goes as I can remember as much goes as this. I was working a 3 pm to midnight shift for the HIMP ( the company I was working for) and I was doing my normal job. Checking if documents were right and valid, Making sure I got everything to run the info, and make the phone calls for those whose documents weren’t enough or if it came up insufficient.

Nothing I haven’t done since I started. So it was somewhere around 7:30 pm I had gotten a task that seemed pretty normal but this task was missing a document that was needed for this said task to resolve. I had put on my headset to make the phone call. I did everything as I was supposed to ( checking if the consumer was still in the time call from as it is a 9 to 9 their time window.)

I had gotten my script up and set up as it helps with the call and I dial the number to the consumer. When the consumer picked up I read my greeting followed the call when JA and he confirmed it was him. So I got him to verify for safety reasons.

He did so with little to no questions on the reason why. So after I got him to verify I told him the situation and I thought maybe it was gonna be a short call as most of them were some weren’t so lucky and it just so happens that this was the unlucky one. So JA rips into me saying that I’m messing his health insurance up for him and his family as he has been fighting with the company for a while now and that I’m not doing my job right.

I tried to get him to calm down and I go into detail about what he could send in for a replacement for the document that was missing and I was cut off saying that I need to rerun it again as I already had done it. Now as I’m being ripped a new one my TMs can hear the JA yelling as I was doing my best.

I spent a good 15 mins hearing him rip me a new one as im the one to blame for messing up the documents that they sent in. So after all the yelling I get him to calm down and send in a WS ( written statement ) and I give him the number to the call center to which I could end my closing I hear a click and I quickly check the screen as he had ended the call.

I was so glad he ended the call and I took the headset off as fast as I could and I stayed in my chair as my TMs were trying their best to have me not break down crying as it happens to the best of them. I honestly wanted to get up and turn in my I’d but I didn’t and when break came along I grabbed my lunch went outside and I cried a bit cause I didn’t know how to feel at that moment.

After I came back inside I went on my day making calls for those who didn’t hit 9 pm .I kept the job and dealt with many more phone calls like that but in different languages ( the perk of being in a call center). Up till they laid me off on my birthday.( Enter sarcastic comment)

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