The priest who hated secure payment systems

Obligatory mobile user warning friends.

So I work in an inbound call center that offers membership based services. Some calls are enrollments, some are setting up services. This happened maybe six months ago.

I get a call one day from a man looking to sign up a membership with us and from the get go he’s both charismatic and suspicious at the same time. He’s pretty friendly at first, asks a lot of questions before we get his membership started and asks if this is legit. I say yes, this is a department for a major company in our country.

We continue and getting information is like pulling teeth. Guy doesn’t want to give me any personal info, particularly his home address, but I tell him I need an address to proceed and that we’ll only be sending him a membership package if he opts out of marketing material stuff. He sighs and gives me his address which he specifies is a church. He says he’s a priest and he’s living there while as he just moved to this town from elsewhere. He goes on about how he’s not happy about how much moving around he does for the church. I only mention this because he went on for a full 10mins about his life as a priest in the rural north and how we should have discounts for people like him.

We get to the end, I give him his total and he fusses about our pricing and how it’s so expensive. Sorry, thems be the prices, can’t change that. Then he starts spouting off his credit card number and I have to stop him. About a year back we switched to a system where we secure our line and the customer types their card and security number. All we see are the last four numbers of the card number and the expiry date.

Me: Oh, sorry sir, I can’t take the card number verbally. We have a secure system for that. Just a moment while I set it up for you, then I’ll have you type your credit card number into your keypad.

Priest: What, I can’t just tell you?

Me: No, sorry. Legally we aren’t allowed to take that information.

Priest: But I’m giving it too you. It’s fine, I’m giving you permission to take it. (Starts saying his number again)

Me: Sir, I’m sorry, I can’t take it. Let me-

Priest: It’s FINE, I said. Here. (Starts again)

Me: Sir, even if you give me permission, I have no way to input your card number. We have to use the system we have.

Priest: You realize how stupid that is, right? Letting machines and computers do all the work? How unsafe that is?

He proceeded to give me a lecture on how he didn’t believe that I didn’t have a way to take his credit card verbally and how ridiculous it was that we let a computer system take all of our information. The guy couldn’t have been more than forty at a stretch and he was talking like a ln eighty year old man who didn’t trust those newfangled robots.

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