The call that had me worried

I used to work in a contact centre (of which I was the only operator) for a subscription company. The company is no longer in operation.

There was a customer I had dealt with a couple of times who tended to be a bit difficult. He would swear a lot over the phone, but there had been nothing too threatening about those calls.

This one particular day, he called telling me that a courier company wouldn’t give him his package and he was going to ‘deal to them’ – in short, he was threatening to show up at the depot and beat someone up (this was the nice version of what he was saying).

I related this to my manager and we followed it up with the company. The gist of it was, he’d been outside when he’d seen the courier van and had gone up to the driver wanting to know if the guy had it and demanding it. The driver had asked for identification. The caller could have been anyone. When he refused to provide i.d. the driver refused to hand over the package. Feeling threatened by the man’s behaviour, the driver returned to the depot. Meanwhile, our lovely caller had phoned the company spouting abuse, and threats. As unbelievable as it sounded, from the way the man spoke to me at times, I could believe it had happened.

We decided to end our business with this man. He was not happy, placing full blame for the incident on us, saying it was ‘our screw up’.

I was worried for days, thinking he was going to come to our place of business and threaten our staff. Luckily we had security.

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