[ Part 2 ] Customer tried to impersonate an employee and justice was served

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I’m pretty much going to copy and paste the background information as it’s the same..

So I work for a credit servicing company – we service accounts from over 1,300 retailers on top of multiple general purpose credit credits and my job is to take escalated calls. You can already begin to imagine the things I’ve seen – today was the most satisfying though. I’ll refer to the company as CC.

A little bit of account detail – lady went multiple pay periods without payment and got reported as late. She has been calling at least once a week to get it adjusted because we made an error. What was our error? Well we postdated two payments for her and she forgot to reschedule and doesn’t look at her statements each month. Her words, not mine.

Now she’s suddenly gotten the bright idea to call in and pretend to be a CC employee! She probably thinks she’s the cleverest person ever. If you haven’t read the previous post:

  1. Customer calls in stating to be Diane from CC Accounts department (doesn’t exist) from the only phone number associated with the customer’s account. “Diane” is trying to get the credit reporting adjusted.
  2. It is immediately caught.
  3. Customer’s account gets a block placed on due to potential fraud which blocks use and online access until they send in documents to verify their identity (Driver’s License, SSC, etc).

It is nearly a month later and today she decides to call back. When connected the agent immediately saw the memory messages I put on the account. These are messages that show up on every call for every agent. These are:


So the fine representative that gets her doesn’t even say a “Hello” and immediately transfers her to me. I’ve never been so happy to talk to someone in my fucking life. I explain the situation to the agent while reviewing recent activity and she has been doing this every day for the past month. Every. Fucking. Day. Every time before though the agent answered her and when transferring the customer hung up. I tell the agent to send them my way and thank them for making my life worth living.

Me = Me
Diane = Stupidest person I’ve ever had the pleasure of speaking with, also the customer.

Me: Hello, thank you for calling CC , my name is StevenFN. How can I help you?
Diane: Hello Steven I’m Diane from the accounts department. I’ve been trying to get this customer’s account fixed for awhile now. We made a mistake on the credit reporting can you assist me?
Me: I sure can! What was the mistake that we made?Diane: The customer made the payment on time but we reported her as late.
Me: Oh no! Not a problem we can fix this in a jiffy. I just need to ask some questions to make sure my notes are correct. ( My voice was so artificially “nice” it hurt.)
Diane: Fantastic!
Me: What’s your employee ID?
Diane: Oh, it’s 200939.

— I search this as this isn’t hidden information. This ID is for someone who works in my previous department – customer service. She probably asked them for it at some point.

Me: Thank you! While pulling this up is your unit manager Jane? I used to be in the accounts department tell her I said hi!
Diane: Oh I will!

— Jane doesn’t exist. Neither does the accounts department.

Me: Alright thank you, almost finished fixing this here. Just one more question..
Diane: You’re so great!
Me: Why are you making an inbound call from outside the company from the customer’s only listed phone number?

— 30 second pause

Me: Hel–
Me: Oh my, well I think our fraud department will only be able to assist you. One moment please..

She immediately hung up.

So I reach out to the same Fraud manager I contacted during the initial incident. As she is trying to defraud the company and has made no attempts to stop nor respond to our requests for her (at least, her identifying as her) we have permanently closed the account. This will now be reported as a “Institutional Closure.”

Guess her dumb ass got something else to dispute in the future.

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