No, I will not apologize for calling you out on being rude.

I just got called stupid, incompetent and a slow reader by a member. I told her she needed to stop being rude and she got all offended and continued to be rude and demanded an apology. Which I didn’t give her.

Literally came in screaming and expected me to know what the hell she was talking about. Then got mad when I had to read the notes.

She’s like 84 and thinks it’s okay to talk to people like that. I was not going to apologize in any way shape or form and I made sure I didn’t. Even at one point she said I’m still waiting for an apology. And I didn’t say a word. Just silence.

I was a second away from hanging up as we were recently told that if we give a member a warning and they continue to be abusive we can hang up. I should have just done that. Missed opportunity I guess.

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