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I supervise a call center for a large roadside service company. As you can imagine, and many of you know, we get more than a few totally unreasonable people.

I take escalated calls if our escalations team is not able to either deescalate or resolve.

Several nights ago I get a call from one of our eacalation team specialists. They tell me they have a member beyond irate at their wait time, threatening to go to social media and the news (hooray media threat paperwork).

I pull up the service record. This now canceled call was placed for service 20min prior to coming to me. Call timer shows that she was on the phone with Escalations for 10min prior to that. Our service averages for rush hour in major metropolis’ tend to run 1hr-2hrs at most.

I proceed to get yelled at by this woman for over 45 minutes, because 20min to wait for a tow truck was absolutely rediculous, and how dare we would suggest otherwise. She tells me that she called her own provider, which she expected us to pay for, up front, outside of our contractor network.

Queue even crazier rage fit including multiple mentions of both her luxury goods business, and threats to go on “Fox News with Sean Hannity” because we would not only have the audacity to say that she would need to submit for reimbursement consideration, but to also suggest she needed to fill out her OWN PAPERWORK to get it. She paid us her $60 for the year. We “work for her”.

It is about this time, about 10min after our truck would have arrived anyways, that the non-contracted company arrives, she tells me to hold, and I hear her and the company talking shit about us, and him telling her he contracts with us, and we didn’t try his company. This leads to contiued claims of our incompetence from her.

I ask her to hand him the phone so I can give this call to him, cover the tow, and make sure she doesn’t have to pay out of pocket. I ask for his contractor number.

Wouldn’t you know it. He doesn’t actually contract with us and it was a bold face lie to try and make us look bad.

It still worked. She got back on the phone even madder saying we should make a contract with his company on the spot.

All of this last bout of rage ends with her screetching into the phone, and telling me she is so mad that I need to continue the call with her assistant.

The assistant was very apologetic, understanding, and overall a decent human. Felt bad that she had to work for such a crazy woman.

After the call I looked up the business this woman mentioned about a dozen times during the course of the interaction. She looked EXACTLY like you might expect, complete with THE haircut.

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Thanks ATT Reps…

Call that made annoyed me for the rest of the day..