Call that made annoyed me for the rest of the day..

So this just happened yesterday. I just finished a round of overnight shifts, as I work in a 24 hour call centre.

You may have received the amber alert that happened yesterday. Well one of the lines I take is for the after hours calls that would go to our province’s Premier. I hate this line. With a burning passion.

So there was 5 minutes left in my shift when I get a Premier call. The guys went on an on about how the amber alert kept him up, and how the system doesn’t work, etc. I had to politely listen and be please to to him, despite desperately wanting to hang up on this asshole.

The rest of my day was now soured. I hate having to be nice to these people sometimes – especially when I’ve just worked 10 hours and want to go to bed and you can’t have any decency about a missing kid if heaven for bid you are awoken in the night.

There are so many stories I could tell from work, but this one was just infuriating.

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