Didnt realize this qualified as ‘rude’

So, I was helping out an awful customer today. I was explaining the policy of some of the company’s returns etc…(I’ve mentioned I work at a sort of travel agency, and we give out devices for travel)

When, I may have been going a little fast. I am a naturally fast and peppy talker. Then, the customer starts throwing a fit claiming I’m being rude b/c I didnt let her tell me her entire history of her being a customer with us ,🙄 she explained what she didnt understand and I answered her.

My managers have told us and trained us to ‘cut them off nicely’ which, even they realize doesn’t go over well all the time.

Yet, crazy lady then proceeds to throw a bigger fit, attempted getting me to give her my last name and, finally she hands the phone to her mother who then claims her husband is a high ranking official who works at the parent company of where I work and that they’re “going above me” (he isnt, we have a list of high ranking people there and his name sure af isnt on it)

Plus uh…honey, you’re at least 10 years older than me and you put your mommy on to try and scold me? 🤣

It pissed me off a lot and, I told one of my managers. She said smile about it, she’s a manager and gets that shit said to her to this day. So, it freaked me but, I’m just glad I’m gonna be okay and not lose my job.

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Imagine my delight…

Where a customer has had the worst time of her life and is frustrated that I won’t understand her suffering