Tunnel Guy

I worked for call center that contracted to cover phone calls for a major bank in the USA many years ago. I did checking, credit, unsecured loans, and car loans.

One of my frequent callers was “Tunnel Guy.”

He’d call in just about every day. He lived in Brooklyn, NY, and he had a heavy Brooklyn accent.

He worked in Manhattan.

Every time I talked to him (3 or 4 times per week), he’d answer security questions (he could verify everything, including his last deposit amount), say “I’m about to go through the Brooklyn Battery Tunnel. Make it quick! I want to apply for the credit card you offered me in the letter.” Or, “I want to make a car payment.”

Ok, fine.

But, every single call with me or anyone else cut off during the application/before he gave payment info.

I suppose he hit the tunnel, signal cut off, and beep next call

I once asked why he called at that specific time, considering the outcome. Every. Single. Time.

He said, “This is the only time I . . . (Tunnel).”

His checking was always in good standing. His credit was solid. He made online payments, paid his credit and loan online every month.

I still wonder if he just called to screw with us.

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